Canopy with Permanently Attached Sleeves with Gloves

Electronically sealed vinyl sleeves with PVC gloves is a alternative to the dry box glove.  The sleeves are made from a 20 mil vinyl, for maximum flexibility, and electronically sealed to suitable openings on the chambers. 

The standard sleeve length is 12" diameter at the shoulder and 24" long.  This type of sleeve is normally mounted opposite the entry port and is used by many people for extremely delicate work. 

The gloves are made from a chemically resistant Pylox® 20 mil vinyl, unlined, translucent yellow, lightly powdered and are electronically sealed to the sleeve cuffs.

The attached sleeves are shown inflated and outside of the Canopy for better view of sleeves. 

Item No. Various Canopy Items

Canopy with Permanently Attached Sleeves with Gloves

48" W X 24" D X 24" H
This canopy comes standard with 2 pairs of permanently attached sleeves and gloves and includes 2 installed nipples. An alternate sleeve, available upon request, for this style chamber is 12" diamete...
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